Natural Guys With Unnatural Eyes

I’ve never been one to ‘gel’ to status quo and so when I ‘read’ people who challenge status quo subtly, it trips me. This article hearticulated my exact thoughts ;from a male’s perspective.

A Rare Perspective

Cosmetic make up has been used throughout history and mainly by women. It’s roots are found so far back that it’s even mentioned in the Old Testament of the bible where Jezebel painted her eye lids (2 Kings 9:30). As mentioned in a previous article, make-up is primarily used as an enhancer of features. What some people, especially men fail to realise is that cosmetics does not just come in the form of facial make-up.

Make-up can be anything from skin treating products to bodily fragrances. Anything that can enhance bodily appearance, skin texture or odor can be regarded as cosmetics or make-up. In saying this, it’s already clear that everyone uses a form of cosmetics with the same intention and bringing about the same outcome.

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