Questions for Music Lovers.

How do you retain intellectual, sexual, spiritual and economic sanity listening to certain kinds and genres of music?

Is there a difference between hearing a song, listening to a song and consuming music?

How do people consume music?

What do you look out for when you listen to and watch music videos?

The content? The beat? The cinematic effects? The sense of style? The choice of vixens? The record label? Music producer?

Nigerians please help me, Is there a manual on how to listen to Nigerian music?

There are some I stumble on and I go

I listen to some and I just go quiet and instantly set my mind gates open

How is music regulated in Nigeria?

What standard do they have to meet before they are labeled safe for consumption?

Is the kind of music consumed by  Nigerians reflective of our collective reasoning and thinking system?

Can we say Nigerians are shallow or upwardly mobile because they consume more of one genre of music than the other?

What role does music play in contributing to a country’s global image?




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  1. Tamie says:

    So many questions. Lol.
    I am not particular about music videos. Cos on days I really want to feel what I’m listening to, my eyes are usually closed.

    Yes I do think the kind of music consumed is reflective on the thinking of the individual.

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    1. requ1ne says:

      “I am not particular about music videos”

      Same here Doctora…Even for worship songs, I sometimes find the videos distracting, so I mostly do audios.

      And I agree that the kind of music we consume (i.e. pay attention to) is reflective on our thinking.

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      1. Dee. says:

        I love Hill songs live performances..i love pentatonix, Jamie grace and tori kelly’s music videos too.
        There is just something about the motions and cinematic effects that gels with the lyrics.
        So cool to watch.
        And for Hill songs, their live performances, just make me feel like I am there.


    2. Dee. says:

      Me too, there are days audios are life!!!! Frankly, I do more audio than videos.


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