When I Eventually Meet Chimamanda…

When I eventually meet Chimamanda, some six questions I could ask:

1. Greatest defining moment of your life?

2. Do your friends chose you or do you chose them and if you do, what factors (apart from being a lover of books) do you consider before asking for their hand in friendship?

3. If feminism eventually becomes redundant, what would you like to be defined by?

4. What intrigues you about reading and books generally?

5. Decisions you made that now with the gift of hindsight, you wish you didn’t and what did you learn from them?

6. Does faith influence your writings in anyway?


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Tamie says:

    I would like to ask her if given an opportunity to choose a political office in Nigeria to bring about a genuine and lasting change what sector ouldnt she choose and what will be her first three action steps to bring that change.


    1. Tamie says:

      Would she choose*


  2. Dee. says:

    I have a very strong feeling she will say Education. First three actions:
    1. Change the curriculum.
    2. Initiate new policies that undergirds the teaching of history in schools and at all levels.
    3. …..


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