Imagine being stripped off everything in life?

You got fired.

No business.

No marriage.

No kids.

No friends.

Your beauty waned.

Your curves disappeared.

Your blog crashed and all your articles vanished and you do not have a back up.

Zero validation.

Zero applause.

Zero accolades.

If you were stripped off all these and in general everything that made you comfortable, gave you a form of reputation, prestige, esteem.

Will you still like you?

Will you still be you?

Will you still think of yourself the same way you do now?




2 Comments Add yours

  1. Toolz says:

    Girl!!! I love your style of writing. Too the point. Sooo sharp it hits you like a bee’s sting!!! U cannot help yourself after reading but to think …. and not just think…re-read, put the words in the way you understand, read line by line, try tounderstand and allow it eat all the way through you…


    1. Dee. says:

      Sending kisses.
      Thanks hon.


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