Peer, Pressure and Stupidity!

Peer pressure doesn’t have an age limit. It’s the reason why a 75 year old man will ‘turn up for the boys’  in different hues of legal tenders but has pending responsibilities and hungry mouths to feed.

The way life is structured, peer pressure never ceases. Instead, you are expected to outgrow pressure and peers.

At some point in your life, you should be able to say NO to influences that no longer serve you. Influences do not have to be glaringly negative before you talk to your feet.

This stupidity is embarrassing.

 To hades with your emotional and social  investment  in those circles . How has the dividends made your life better??

When was the last time ‘better’ was used as a qualifier for the charade you call your life??

There is nothing more repulsive than stupidity on an adult that has fathered a generation of adults.

Snap out of it already.

Man up!


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