What ‘Living’ In The Hospital Has Taught Me About Life.

I am writing this from a tiny cubicle in the ward of a hospital. From here, I can hear the shrills of a woman in a labor, the weary face of a nurse who is overworked and underpaid, I see relatives sleeping with their loved ones muttering prayers of healing under their breath, staring at time wishing it would go by fast so they can be out of here in no time.

My life in the past weeks has been a flurry of activities. Between working two jobs, running a business, pillaring my parents, babying my siblings, watching people die, watching relatives grieve, shouting the hospital down on a nurse who touched my madness where I kept it, I have learnt quite a lot. I have had internal monologues about life, death, life after death, friendship, marriage, relationship, vanity, death again and then wealth. The lessons from this period, I summarize in 10 points

  1. Wealth at times is not about having money. It is about having friends who can raise help for you in critical situations based on the strength of your integrity. Subomi Plumptre taught me this, life reiterated it to me.
  2. The help you think you need and the help you really need are two different things. Nothing knocks clarity and definition into you than watching your loved one hang in there at the mercy of  a care provider who has seen way too many deaths to really really care.
  3. When you ‘live’ in an hospital, you will learn to define things differently. E.g The help you need at times is an efficient rude care giver instead of a nonchalant/routine but highly effusive care giver.
  4. You cannot tell where help will come from. I have learnt that help in critical situations comes from unlikely places and people. The people you think will be there will fail you and guess what, you will have to forgive.
  5. Wealth and money are two different things. I have mentioned it before but it bears reiteration.
  6. If you are under 25, please start investing. No, you are not too young. My prayer in recent times has been: Lord, I need financial acumen not just to multiply money but to create wealth. There is nothing like waiting to get to a certain age to magically blow/make it. Making it, doesn’t just happen or fall on people. You have to make it happen (pun not intended but I hope you get the point). Please invest. I have watched funny money scenarios and the bullshit you have to stomach just because…
  7. Take care of your health. This is a no brainer but hey, I have had to preach this to myself over and over and over again in recent times.
  8. Let people go. Bitterness and anger will kill faster than any illness can.
  9. Death is real.
  10. The things you think matter does not. Top on that list is the opinions of people and trying to live life based on timelines and people induced bench marks.

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  1. Tamie says:

    Living in the hospital? Why if I may ask.
    As one who work in one, these points are very valid. Very.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hi Tamie, my dad has been sick for a while, so I have literally been ‘living’ in the hospital lol
    Are you a doctor? Nurse?


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