Today, I Paid Money To Have a 2 Hour Conversation With My Uber Driver.

Time Check: 6:49pm

I commute everyday from the mainland to the Island. On the streets of livelihood it is called “hustling” for me, it is called something else; at the core though, is the mindset that in this 24th year, something has to give.

Note to self: I need to write on suffering, luxury and experiences 

But this really is not the core of this post.  The next couple of paragraphs really is or maybe not. Whatever.

Today, I woke up and I knew that it was going to be an unusual day. I couldn’t pinpoint exactly what was going on but I knew the day was going to be unusual. I could reel out my itinerary for the day, make a roll call of activities and how in fact my soul has in the couple of days been weighed down by thoughts of transitioning and what the next season holds but that again is not the core.

By 4:20pm today, I was ready to leave the office. I had tons of work to do by the way but not work my regular 9-5 was paying for. My Uber driver was there waiting for me. The plan was to get into the car, greet like my mama raised me to, make quick clarifications, put on my earphones, open the lid of my laptop and get to work. But then an interruption… an interruption called life. Life is what happens to you when you make plans and they get sidelined by a force that reminds you that your humanity can only get you so much and take you so far.

I cannot say exactly how it all happened, but I remember asking him how much I would spend assuming traffic- Lagos traffic lasted for an hour and his firmness was the first thing that struck me. A bit queer to be that firm? Uber driver you?

Soon, the conversation became about hopes and dreams and how life really is vanity especially if you are not living for a truth that is from within. I sat there internalising what seemed like unrehearsed monologue, interrupting occasionally to differ and then muse again. I am struck by his drive, his enthusiasm and belief that a better life earned through legitimate means was possible.  Soon, we are bantering on ideas and business models, the value of integrity and the power of networking. Monologues here, dialogues there, open ended questions, spats of vulnerability, then moments of realisation…then silence.

Me to me: This is weird

Me responding to me: Silence

The trip was to last 2 hours, we ended up spending 3. Half the time, I was wondering what the heck was going on and making a case for the similarities in our experiences and why it should serve as a good omen.

Baring my soul to a stranger is not exactly bizzare, flipping a social construct of entrusting vulnerability to someone you do not have a certain level of intimacy with is  bizzare and definitely wasn’t how I thought I would be spending my day. But hey, that premonition…

You know how needs that you didn’t even know you had are met and only when they are met do you realise there was a vacuum to start with..yea, that too happened today.

The way He sends answers at times sha..

Chuffed..pretty chuffed.

Picture credit: 54Artistry








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