Who is Christian Chic?

Hello there darl,

IMG_20170905_231323_editChristian Chic is one of the several aliases I go by.

My name is Aderinsola, everyone calls me Dee. Well, except my mom who calls me Derin and is life’s greatest gift to me second only to my Dad and then the boo who of course I cannot talk about here. This is an introduction page afterall. hahaha. So now you know I am not an orphan and there is a boo and I am the crazy person who would write something like this as a bio.

What else?

My mom is my most humorous muse of all time. We have a weird relationship you will get to understand once you decide to stay with me here. I am both introverted and extroverted, I am passionate about eating, thinking and reading; I have a fetish for books. I am a nerd and an aspiring bestselling writer.

I wanted a platform to write about things I wished someone wrote to guide my choices as a young adult so I decided to start this blog. My blog is a diary, a haven of some sort where I unfold happenings in my life, and basically,  life as I see it. I especially love to chronicle my walk with God and how he is making me evolve into this young woman whose life daily mirrors everything that he is. I like to say I am B E C O M I N G. If you’d like to know what life through the eyes of a Christian Chic looks like then you are on the right creative space.

I hope you stay and because I have a feeling you will, I will just say, welcome on board.


And just so we put a name to the face…IMG_20170905_232943_edit_edit





17 Comments Add yours

  1. drnsmusings says:

    Wow! And I thot I blunt! I’ll be back. Wow!


    1. Thank you so much for stopping by,nd u doing a great job on ur blog. More grace.


  2. Miracle Roch says:

    Hey! Your blog is cool. Can you reach me either via my email or on twitter @Mr_GudMan ASAP. Stay True!


    1. Tnks for stopping by,rili appreciate.


      1. gudboii says:

        still waiting for ur follow


  3. idogunesohe1 says:

    Wow! Please follow my handle : idogunesohe1.wordpress.com . Xoxo


    1. Will dfo that ASAP…maam..nice to have you here


  4. Wumi says:

    well done


  5. jeenager says:

    Hi great job…keep on representing Christ


    1. Dee. says:

      Thanks maam, it’s good to have you here.


  6. Happy to be here. That’s all I can say.


    1. Dee. says:

      Happy to have you here as well


  7. Where is your ‘like’ button already?!?! I’m coming for ya! #stalkeralert.
    Well done Dee! Keep it coming….hotness and all. 🙂


  8. HARD VOICES says:

    I like this blog. Very well. BTW are you on twitter?


    1. Dee. says:

      Thank you hard voices, yup i’m on twitter @derinsola7


  9. shunpwrites says:

    Glad to have stumbled onto the confines,be blessed. I look forward to your ongoing musings.


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