The Chastity Revolution!

Hey there darl.

I am excited to have you on my blog and on this page.

So, I pioneered a chastity revolution  by going public with the news of my chastity in a post I titled ‘fearless’.

I wrote that post to encourage young adults like myself not to cave into the pressure or buy into the popularity of the cliche everyone is doing it.

Not everyone is doing it.

I am not doing it and YOU aren’t too.

You see darl, the world needs EXAMPLES.

A lot of people in their tweenage, teenage years and young adults like you and I need examples.

Positive examples who are saying, perfection eludes me on most days but I am on a purity journey and I have resolved to stay in line so that more people can lean on my resolve and go on this journey too.

I am saying, I don’t always get it right but for what it’s worth, I am committed to staying sexually inactive and living a sexually PURE life BEFORE and IN marriage and this, not just to fulfil a rule or stand by a code of conduct, because if I wasn’t Christian, I will still wait.


I respect myself, I respect my future, I VALUE my body and I believe I am worth the wait.

In line with my resolve to spread word about chastity,  this page will contain links to articles I have written on chastity and also, links to other articles that endorses chastity.

I hope this inspires you to make a decision to live sexually pure and if you are already, it will encourage you to STAY THE PATH.

Being chaste is  cool and nothing to shy away from and contrary to the myriad of opinions out there, chastity is not extinct.

Ready to come on board?

Like this page, share the link to others and if you would like to share your purity journey to encourage and inspire others, please send me a mail at: and I will be glad to share your story.




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  1. hrh7 says:

    Ahhhh. I love this. May I reblog?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Dee. says:

      yep, you can.


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